Unlock B2B Interchange Rates

Level 3 Data offers proven, cost-cutting solutions to small and medium businesses who accept corporate and purchasing cards. Take advantage of capturing Level 2 and 3 Data and unlock B2B interchange rates offered by issuing banks.

Lower Interchange Rates on
B2B Transactions

Turn-Key Solution

Available on Multiple
Gateways and Terminals

Level 2 and 3 Data Defined


Level 3 Data's comprehensive and easy-to-use B2B solutions combined with 5-star support offers businesses one of the best industry values in terms of processing corporate transactions. Our wide variety of systems for collecting Level 2 & 3 data from the card holder provides in-depth fields, yet takes seconds to process.

How it Works

At the time of sale, customer card and transaction data is passed through along with the authorization. This data is used to evaluate the transaction and assign the appropriate interchange rate only available for B2B transactions. Issuing banks categorize each transaction into three data levels, each determined by the amount of data collected at the time of sale. Collecting additional information qualifies each transaction for a higher data level tier drastically reducing the cost of merchant processing for businesses.

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